New things in our store

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We have been playing.

We don’t just gather fresh locally grown veggies and give them to people in our community – we also have a range of products and services in our online store.

In addition to veggie garden sitting and products like our veggie garden crates we have added some new treasures!

Head on over to our online store to find out more about our seed pills and seed paper.

We are very happy to talk with you about developing your own blend &/or our wholesale prices.


Links to tips on reducing food waste

food waste

Time to check the use by date: food wastage on the rise | ABC AM

Forty per cent of Tasmanian vegetables dumped or fed to stock, while families struggle to afford fresh food | ABC Rural

Recycle veggies – those that grow again

How to keep veggies fresher for longer :

A totally easy veggie soup recipe


Love Food, Hate Waste | Food Waste Benchmark study

Ways to reduce your food waste and reuse leftovers

Produce to the People on pinterest

FYI :   ‘use by’ dates, = ‘food must be eaten or thrown out by this date’

‘best before’ dates mean that ‘foods are still safe to eat after this date as long as they are not damaged, deteriorated or perished’.