Less gathering and giving for a while…


An update for you all re the status of Produce to the People in the North West Tasmanian community.

Our funding has been cut from $100,000 to $10,745.

100% of our Federal funding is gone.  Two thirds of our state funding gone.

Approved purposes for the State funding we have received are to “assist us to transition to full self sustainability by 31 December 2014″ and our KPI on this funding is “to provide the Department of Premier and Cabinet with a Business Plan that demonstrates how it will increase its self-sustainability by 31 December 2014.” We have been advised we can use these funds on project costs as well.

Three part time paid jobs are gone.  One of our people has relocated to Hobart, one interstate, luckily I have picked up 19 hours a week work with a local organisation.

We have stopped our weekly veggie deliveries to 20 + Primary & High Schools. We have stopped our Primary School Snack Garden program.

We continue our relationships with backyard growers, bakeries and Woolies and the produce received from these lovely sources are shared via the organisations who assist us in the collection. We are still visible and working in Smithton, Devonport, Burnie and Ulverstone because of this.

Send us your ideas, your philanthropic contacts.  What would you like Produce to the People to look like in the local North West Tasmanian community?

We will spend the next six months a workin’ on that business plan!

May 2014 Tally Collage

A link to our piece on ABC tv news last night


May 2014 Tally Collage

Well.  We were on the ABC radio Drive program yesterday afternoon and on the news last night.  Here is a link to the news piece.  As soon as I can find a link to the radio interview I will post that too.

Thanks for all the support!