Time for a mural on The Farm

We have so many interesting people come to visit us on The Farm and a few weeks a go local artist Daisy Zarubin popped in and asked us if we would like a mural on the outside of the hub.  YES PLEASE, we replied because the heritage green colourbond with, of course maroon contrast is absolutely too drab to bare.

So from this Thursday, and for the next few week Daisy will be with us painting something wonderful, and you are most welcome to come and watch it all happen. You can help by dropping in any exterior paint you might have lying around ( or ask at your local paint store to see if they have any the can give us ).  The sooner we get the paint, the sooner the masterpiece can blossom!

daisy zarubin

Daisy Zarubin is an artist born on the N.W. Coast of Tasmania – 
A passionate and talented artist Daisy has painted a number of murals in her home town of Wynyard and specialises in Personal Aura Drawings. She currently resides in Wynyard with husband David and 4 of her 8 children, a full time Mother, Artist and part-time student, Daisy and her family also find time to volunteer helping with projects in the community. To see some of Daisys’ work you can like her facebook page ‘ Daisy Zarubin’ Artist.