Break in…

break in.jpg

A big sigh to start the week….

To the jackass who broke into our Farm on the weekend you have successfully:

  • destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of plants
  • really maddened, annoyed, infuriated, riled and displeased the staff and wfd crew – and the wider community
  • put us back 2-3 months in our growing schedule

To be honest, we hope you are feeling guilty and ashamed of yourself.

However, you have not broken our spirit or determination.  The animals you let out got to have a good dig around for which they are very pleased! The small business owners who have to come and replace the broken windows earn an income. And a brand new smoking hot security system will be put in place to prevent you and your like ever doing this again.

The police are on the job so expect a knock on the door any time now.

Meanwhile, we continue with our growing, gathering, giving – just a little behind schedule!

b and w carrot line drawing

Rooster attack! | The week on The Farm


The PttP Farm November 2015 week 4

It’s not always sunshine on The Farm…This week the rooster (who was on borrowed time anyway) decided to not only attack his flock but us as well. And we have the peck marks and bruises to tell the tale.  Nasty piece of work indeed and now he has gone to rooster heaven.

Most of our WFD participants are delightfully hardworking people who are super keen to find work and show us such by their work ethic on The Farm.  We profiled Tomas last week (who wants to snap him up?) and we are pleased to say that Rodney is leaving us for a paid job starting next week. There is always the 1% though and this week unfortunately I was colourfully  sworn at by one of our WFD crew.  We try really hard to be accommodating to our crews and to be disrespected in this way crossed the final line off this particular persons opportunity to participate with us.

We are not aligned 100% at all with the notion of work for the dole but for us to survive and continue our good works we had to go down this path – the things you have to do when your Federal funding is cut (yes, I am still cranky about that and if you read here and here you will see I am not the only one).  We are still waiting to hear an answer to our question about Federal Emergency Food Relief funding in Tasmania.  PttP was ineligible to apply as we are not a “national” organisation and so the two organisations in Tasmania who are parts of larger “national” organisations put in “national” proposals.  Unfortunately for Tasmanians there are no state by state breakdowns of the money awarded to these organisations so we have no way of knowing what money is coming to Tasmania as a whole, let alone to the NW where we are based. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – community services is the most cut throat industry I have ever been a part of and trying to get real answers appears near impossible.

We continue to see growing numbers coming to the food hub and so we have started to make some reconnections with the larger food producers in the area again to see if we can get back to gathering bulk amounts of veg.  I am pleased to say that all those approached are on board.  Now to sort out the logistics! Again, we are not necessarily funded anymore to gather the large amounts but the need is there and the supply is there (“food waste”) and the organisations that have the bulk of EFR funding simply can not supply our demand. So, whilst it was a nice try to not duplicate services we are heading back down the path of going to the source.

As always we have continued to plant and weed and water our crops and are looking forward to the harvest that will come.

AND,  we can guarantee that our next week will be rooster attack free!!

Grow, gather, give and love the one you’re with x

b and w carrot line drawing