the week in veg

Week two and people are really starting to support this project!

We have collected:

5 kilos of tomatoes

15 kilos of apples

5.5 kilos of squash

4 kilos of beetroot

13 kilos of zucchini

4 kilos of carrots

some capsicums, beans and cucumbers

And just to bring a warm glow to your heart, feedback from the Salvos and some clients…..

“You have created a lovely storm!  We have already noticed our clients are happier and more amiable”

“I don’t know the last time I had fruit and veg to give to my kids”

“I’d forgotten what an apple tasted like”

So well done to everyone who has contributed so far, you really are making a big difference and we thank you.


One thought on “the week in veg

  1. I just want to say thanx so much for the work that your all doing, i cant tell you how lovely it is to sit and chat to people about fruit, vege and recipees!!!!
    your all doing so much more for the lives of people in this community then you can ever imagine
    Thanks again

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