a post from Ebony and Laura!

Hi there it is Laura and Ebony from Parklands High school, you have probably read about us on the blog already. Just wanted to talk about how much we love working with produce to the people, Penelope and Rhonda at the community garden every Wednesday! We have learnt so much already and are still learning more, it is so great to get out of the classroom and helping out in the community.

We’re excited to see some of our plants growing already and can’t wait to see them fully grown and harvested! It is great to get some exciting opportunities like being on the radio, in the paper and meeting people we wouldn’t have met before through volunteering. We are quickly picking up on how to look after a vegetable garden, how important poo is, watering and how great worms are!

Chris has taught us a lot about weeds, how annoying they are how to remove them and control them so they don’t take over our veggie patch. He has unsuccessfully tried to make us not hate poo so much, Ebony is getting used to it but Laura still cringes at the thought of being surrounded by it.

We are having so much fun with Penelope and we will keep you updated on any further progress, bye for now, Laura and Ebony.

Laura & Ebony our volunteer recruits on their first day



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