partnership with Vinnies…

I am pleased to let you know that  Vinnies in East Devonport is now receiving your donated produce.
The lovely Toni Muir and I had a bit of a chat the other day, partly brought on because the wonderful folks at Playfish are donating 5 dozen eggs a week to the project, and the fact that Vinnies are open five and a half days a week.  It makes it so much easier to drop your lovely produce off!  Even better though, is the fact that Vinnies will collect the produce from out drop off points in Latrobe and Devonport which will save us lots of km in travel.  It’s a win win situation!
The number of folks accessing Vinnies services is quite an eye opener……80 per week in Devonport, 50 per week in East Devonport, 20 per week in Ulverstone.  So you see the produce you donate really is assisting lots of folk in your community.
So please continue to go forth and grow, gather, give!


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