Ka Boom it’s 2011!

Starting 2011 with a BANG, I am so very pleased to announce a fantastic collaboration between Produce to the People Tasmania, North West Environment Centre and the Central Coast Council as part of the Cradle Coast Authority & Australian Government’s Healthy Communities initiative  ( gosh that’s a mouthful!   http://www.cradlecoast.com/healthy_communities_initiative.html ).

The Produce to the People component will be looking at setting up an exchange space for produce outside of the traditional agencies, as well as having a presence at the most fantastic Penguin Organic and Sustainable Living Festival on February 27.  There will also be a series of healthy eating / shopping / gardening workshops targeted towards those who might have been out of work for a while.

It’s been great to see an increase in donations of produce with lots of lovely lettuce, peas, spuds, beans and marrows being left with our drop off partners and being grown at PSLC.  Our new Green Jobs Crew has started and they are making headway to finish projects started by the first crew…..they will also very soon start our first school snack garden which is soooo exciting.  I can hardly wait!

In collaboration with NWEC and Max Employment, the second National Green Jobs Crew begin their work

the blank canvas that will become the first ever Produce to the People Snack Garden at Leighlands Christian School in Burnie

Welcome 2011!



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