School Snack Gardens are go!

It’s been a busy few months!

After a very intense month of grant writing (only the very kindest of thoughts go out to all organisations holding the loot!)  I am very pleased to tell you all about our ongoing, most wonderful, School Snack Garden Adventure.

We have been most fortunate to receive a grant from the Commonwealth Bank Staff Community Fund, to pilot the idea of School Snack Gardens and this pilot is happening, as we speak, at Leighlands Christian School in Burnie.

Some time ago the wonderful Principal, Sherilyn Vander Vlist approached Produce to the People to see how we might work together.  Her initial concern was the increasing number of students coming to school without a healthy breakfast, which turned into a conversation about leaving donated produce at the school, which led to the idea of putting in a Snack Garden so that the students could potentially grow their own snacks.

Months down the track we are action stations, and PTTP, ably assisted by the North West Environment Centre’s Green Jobs Corp Crew from Burnie, have just spent the most awesome few days with the children from 3 / 4 class who are custodians of the garden for its very first year.

So far we have dug out the turf, looked at lots of awesome bugs such as the red headed cockchafer, built raised beds and sourced recycled apple crates for the Kinder vegge patch.  Today we were blessed with the most beautiful weather,  and we got the students to help fill the beds with soil.  It was such a beautiful sight to see…..there were shovels and wheelbarrows and dirty hands and smiles.  Everyone planted broad bean seeds and tomorrow the class will plant lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots…….purple and orange carrot seeds to be precise.  Three apple trees were planted, a thornless blackberry and a blueberry. Yum, yum!

Next week we will be back to lay sawdust paths and put in the Kinder garden.

It has been such a joy to work alongside the children (and the teacher who was supposed to leave for Hobart a midday but just couldn’t bring himself to leave!!) and of course Principal Vander Vlist without whom none of this would have happened!


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