Burnie Green Jobs Corp crew make soup while the sun shines!

It’s amazing how quickly and seemingly effortlessly some ideas come to fruition.  Never underestimate the power of collaboration and it possibilities here on the NW coast!

Produce to the People, Harvest Moon, Burnie Community House, Green Jobs Corp crew, Learning While Having Fun = soup for Kommunity Kids.

The morning began with a trip to Harvest Moon where we collected a couple of boxes of lovely veggies from our Harvest Moon go to man, Todd.  ( That’s GJC Troy and HM Todd in the first pic ).

A little later in the day we headed to Burnie Community House where we chopped and sauteed and simmered. ( see Troy and Jonathon chop up a storm ).

Always fun working with a bunch of enthusiastic guys…Jonathon takes a moment to pretend Calvin is broccoli and shows us how he would chop this paricular veggie up.  (pic no. 3)

Add one visit from the local paper (The Advocate) who will feature a story on the afternoon’s adventures next week. (Gosh the boys like having their photo taken!)

Two BIG pots of soup were made.

This afternoon the Kommunity Kids* will descend on the Burnie Community House.  Can’t wait to see what they think of the soup!

*Kommunity Kids is an initiative of local Police Officer Ian Edwards.  Every Wednesday afternoon he is at the reserve next to the Burnie Community House providing activities for local kids.  Middle of winter you will see 70 + kids and family members participating.


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