Swedes and Beets


A big thanks to Farmer Brian in Riana who shared these swedes and beets with the community via Produce to the People Tasmania.  He heard me having a chat with Penny Terry on ABC Local Radio early on Monday morning, rang the station for our contact details and the rest is history!

The Devonport Green Jobs Corp Crew went out into the paddock to dig them up (only got bogged twice!) then they were delivered along the Coast…….Vinnies in East Devonport, Eastern Shore Community House, Devonport Community House, Ulverstone Salvos, Burnie Community House, Burnie Salvos, students at UTAS Cradle Coast Campus, Burnie Lodge.

What a top way to end the week!



3 thoughts on “Swedes and Beets

  1. I really like the way people are responding. What goes around comes around and farmers doing things like this will link them with people and we will end up being one lovely caring community. If the farmer should find himself in need he is not going to feel so bad asking for help.
    Well done:)

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