What a month!

October has been a massive month for Produce to the People Tasmania. We have gathered and given a total of 2187 kilos of fresh produce + a delightful 4 dozen eggs.

We now give this produce to a combination of 19 different agencies, schools, shelters and community houses stretched out along the North West Coast feeding hundreds of people each week.

We could not do this without the massive support of Harvest Moon.  I seriously can not praise them enough.  Every week we go out to their HQ in Forth and collect crate after crate of produce.  Produce that would otherwise go to waste.  The staff there are all awesome.  So genuinely friendly, willing to help and interested in what we are doing. Todd, in particular is our go to guy…

We are also continuing our work on School Snack Gardens.  The delightful Christian has come on board and is actively exciting staff and students alike with his genuine enthusiasm for this project.  We are on the cusp of announcing a very exciting way business can become involved in this valuable work.  Watch this space!

Somerset Primary School : snack garden circled, top left

To top it all off, we are now starting to receive excess backyard grown produce as well…the scent from these lemons left at Bruce’s cafe in Wynyard for us was just divine!

Sadly the count down has begun with the Green Jobs Crew…December is too close.

We seriously can’t wait to see what November has in store.  As always, there are many ways you can help.  Just click your way to our “feel good” page to find out how you can participate.


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