Want to share some Snack Garden love?

Here is scathingly brilliant way for businesses to collaborate with their local school or child care centre…

Business sponsors snack garden crate in school and claims it as a tax deductable gift….(look at all that lovely space to pop your logo on the side of the crate!) You might also like to help out via corporate volunteerism?

Local school maintains a fabulous resource that provides learning opportunities and fresh grown produce to students!

“Establishing the Snack Gardens at our school has been a wonderful decision for these key reasons:

A snack garden provides:

  • valuable outdoor experience for the children
  • an excellent way to promote healthy eating habits
  • opportunity for children to experience  different foods
  • team building  opportunities
  • a way for children to gain an insight into the benefits of gardening
  • a way to understand how plants grow, what they need and ways to encourage growth in plants
  • cooking experiences with the harvested food

It has been a very positive experience for the students from Kindergarten through to year 6. Some children have been directly involved in the garden planting while other grades have awaited tasting times!  Total number of student involved has been 127 .”

Produce to the People Tasmania links schools and business and does the hard work of putting the crates in place.

We hope that this venture will be so popular that it creates enough work for us to employ one of the Green Jobs Corp graduates.

Win, win, win, win!

We currently have a wait list for six crates ready to be sponsored.  Can you help? Go ask the boss right now!

More information can be found on the Snack Garden page…




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