End of year ponderings


Wishing you all a vey happy end of 2011.  I do hope it has been a wonderful year.

I have been looking back over the past twelve Produce to the People months….


  • Partnership with Harvest Moon who have donated HUGE amounts of vegetables to us. We have been averaging 2000 kilos a month lately.
  • 2 years ongoing funding from the State Government. Would have been nice to get some State wide equity in terms of how the money was distributed, but if it wasn’t for that $30K Produce to the People would no longer exist in its current form.
  • Green Jobs Crew who helped put in snack gardens, helped to deliver hundreds of kilos of veggies and made soup for weeks and weeks at the Burnie Community House
  • Soup making at Burnie Community House
  • Snack gardens at Leighlands Christian School and Somerset Primary – and finding Christian to look after the Snack Gardens
  • Meeting Kay from The Big Feed and a grand new partnership born
  • Spending time with Costa at the Penguin Sustainable Living Festival
  • That HUGE van load of zucchinis at the beginning of the year!
  • Mason’s Sign Worx who kindly sign writing the van – everyone knows where I go
  • And of course the NW community at large who have embraced Produce to the People and feeding each other.


  • Green Jobs Crew finishing up.  What are we all going to do without these lovely chaps to help our organisations?
  • Grant writing.  I am so over writing grant applications.  They take up enormous amounts of time, there is no guarantee of a return on your investment, funders want you to collaborate yet put you in competition with each other.  Ba humbug!  Of course I will have to write more to grow the project….


  • Jamie Durie’s Outdoor Room – yes we got a mention in one of the most short lived mags of all time!
  • Country Style – look out for the January 2012 (actually out today) issue for lots of NW Tassie love and a little PTTP mention

The Future…….

Will be pondered on over the end of year break.

Let’s just say there could be lots happening in 2012 with some very interesting plans, partnerships and possibilities.

Remember if you are on Facebook to go and like us there.  I update goings on much more often and post lovely pics.  If twitter is more your style, we can also be found there @pttptasmania

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything significant??

Now I am off on a little end of year adventure……….Talk to you again in 2012.

PS: Donated veggie total for December 1545 kilos 





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