Happy 2012.

I am having such a super fantastic start to the year collecting lots of lovely backyard grown produce and of course mammoth amounts from Harvest Moon…So far broccoli and for the first time beans.  I have never seen so many beans in the one spot at the one time!

Wynyard Commonwealth Bank are leading the pack of veggie drop off spots with a bounty of zucchinis left in their vault.  I love withdrawing veggies from the bank! ( That’s Natrece from the bank in the photo at the top of the page handing over the zuc loot. )

Of course Schools are still on holiday so that has meant bigger bounties for others – Mission Gateway, Vinnies in Somerset, Burnie & Devonport Community Houses and the Burnie and Ulverstone Salvos have had lots of lovely produce, it is always so enthusiastically received. I love delivering veggies!

With the end of the Green Jobs Crew it means solo deliveries at present but I have had some lovely offers of assistance which will be taken up shortly. A big thanks must go to Fiona and Rob who have been looking after the Somerset Primary School Snack Gardens – what a blessing.

When I am not delivering veggies I am furiously writing grant applications – not my most favourite thing but a necessity.

So much to do, so many great ideas,  I can’t wait to get some more $$ in the bank to be able to get everything happening. I would like the success rate of grant applications to equal the abundance of produce grown, gathered and given.

That is one of my 2012 P to the P resolutions.

Back to it!  Cheers for now.





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  1. I want your grant applications to be as fruitful too Miss. P! Keep up the great work, there’s a tonne of us who think you’re FANTASTIC!

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