January 2012

What a delightful start to the year!

January has seen us gather and give 822 kilos of produce, a lovely combination of zucchinis, silver beet, broccoli, beans, rocket and squash (with an emphasis on bulk beans and broccoli from our friends @ Harvest Moon!).  With the schools still on holidays that has been a lot of produce to give away to a smaller number of people.  I have had to resort to begging on a couple of occasions!

 I have a new volunteer to help me with the Tuesday veggie run…

And as usual, I am writing more grant applications than is healthy for one individual!  Good news is that we have received a small Community Grant from the RACT that will go towards fuel costs.

Feb is going to be super busy with the first ever Produce to the People Community Veggie Swap @ Secret Buddha Café in Burnie on the 11th (9-11am) and a few days in Adelaide in a major strategic planning session and fundraising adventure as part of the Adelaide Fringe Garden of Unearthly Delights.  The Children’s Food Education Foundation are a registered charity keen to do good works in Tasmania and are supporting Produce to the People via The Big Feed and other grant opportunities. Expect exciting things!

Cheers for now, and remember to grow, gather and give.




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