February 2012

Locally grown, gathered, given veggie tally for February 2012 = 1540 kilos

A lovely combo of brocolli, beans, zucchinis, carrots, onions, tomatoes, zuc pickles, spuds, rhubarb, herbs, cabbages, leeks, cucumbers.

News & Happenings

Burnie Council ran the first Burnie Cook Out where the Tassie contestants from MKR were judges.  Lousy weather but a lovely turn out.  The Burnie Community House team won the people’s choice! We were able to help out by asking our awesome partners at Harvest Moon to provide produce on the day.

We had our first Community Veggie Swap at The Secret Buddha Cafe in Burnie with a fabulous turn out and lots of veggies swapped.  We will hold a Veggie Swap every month (the second Saturday) between 10 & 11 AM.  Come along with your excess backyard grown and swap it for something else.  Anything left at the end of the swap will go to a Produce to the People partner. Next one is Saturday the 10th of March.

Produce to the People is absolutely thrilled to be in a partnership with the Children’s Food Education Foundation, an Australian charity creating and delivering innovative food education programs for children and young people with disadvantages, chronic illness, disabilities, mental disorders, and those who care for themselves or others. We spent four days in high level strategic planning sessions this month.  My goodness what a buzz it is to be able to collaborate with such a high energy and professional group!

Did you hear a whisper Masterchef Australia were in town???  We were lucky enough to be able to collect all the excess produce from the shoot and deliver it to our wonderful partners in produce along the coast. A big thanks must go out to Kim and Rod who made the trek to Stanley to collect for me (I was off in that strat planning lock down!) and to Tanya Trost who thought of us and organised it all.

We have also had some amazing people join us to volunteer this month.  Raylene is helping me out on Tuesday’s with the veggie run, Murray & Brendan are taking over the reigns of the Wednesday veggie run, Jim (Oldina Nursery) is now picking up any produce dropped off in Wynyard and Somerset, and Kim has been a fabulous all round offsider.

We have two new spots that we deliver veggies to as well.  Welcome to The Child & Family Centre in East Dev and the NW Christian School in Penguin.  We are greeted with smiles every time we visit with veggie loot…..this really is an awesome way to spend time!

March is going to be huge with us participating at the Organic & Sustainable Living Festival (4th March), Taste the Harvest (11th March), Burnie Children’s Expo by the Sea (18th March) and of course our second Veggie Swap on the 10th.  Come visit!

Grow, gather, give!







2 thoughts on “February 2012

  1. How good is that.
    Definitely a #positivelytas sort of event.
    Initially I was overwhelmed by green beans – took a minute or two for the screen to resolve – help I am being attacked by green beans 🙂

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