June 2012…..

Grown, gathered, give in June = 2355 kilos of produce + milk + bread

This brings our financial year tally to over 18,000 kilos of produce.  NW Tasmania you rock with your generosity.

June saw another delightful month full of donated food.  Broccoli made an unexpected return, we had lovely milk donated by Red Cow Dairy and bread from a local baker.

Lots of secret squirrel meetings again – hopefully I will be able to tell you awesome things very soon!

We did receive some funding from the Federal Government which we are most grateful for – a big thanks to Julie Collins for listening and making things happen. This will go toward our works at the Burnie Community House in Shorewell.

I’m off to the US of A later this week, firstly to attend WDS – a weekend shared with 1000 creative thinkers in Portland, Oregon ( I even get to speak in front of everyone about PTTP. Gulp! ), and to top it off I get to meet up with Lauren from Produce to the People in San Francisco on my way home!

Remember, for more frequent PTTPT updates follow us on facebook or twitter and if you like pretty pictures on pinterest or instagram.

grow, gather, give





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