July 2012

I do not even know where to begin, telling you all about July 2012.


It began with a trip to the Portland, Oregon to attend the cryptically named World Domination Summit.  If you get a chance to attend, do.  Loosely based around the idea of living an unconventional life in a conventional world, 1000 people converged on Portland to attend two intense days of inspirational talks by world movers and shakers with an emphasis on community, service and adventure.

I was lucky enough to address the group on day two as part of the new Attendee Stories Forum (little old Produce to the People from NW Tassie chosen as one of 13 from 350 applications). It actually struck me then and there how awesome this Produce to the People project is and how lucky I am to live in a community that is so supportive and active.

On my return to Oz I had a few days to re-group before flying to Brisbane to attend the 2012 delicious magazine produce awards. We were up for an award……the inaugural ABC Local Radio Community Award.  Guess what?

We won!

A huge thanks to those who voted, again a testament to the generosity of NW Coasters and others.

This month we have gathered 2080 kilos of produce.

To top off the month, Burnie City Council gave us a ute.  Yes, you read right, GAVE US A UTE. This will mean we can gather more produce to give.  Outstanding!

She’s having a spot of cosmetic work – I mean signwriting – this week. Then the challenge will be on to give her a name.  Head over to our facebook page later in the week for details.

Tragically my dearest ( and sometime Produce to the People volunteer ) Kim has not yet been found. The ocean it appears does not want to give him back. It is really, really hard to enjoy all the good that is happening. I’m putting on a jolly good face so please bare with me.


grow, gather, give……..and  love the one you’re with



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