2012 Telstra Business Woman’s Awards




An update for those that don’t follow us on facebook or twitter.  Whilst I am not the “winner” of the category (White Pages Community and Government Award) I was a finalist in, I very much feel like a winner for just being nominated.  It wasn’t until I got to the event that I really realised what a BIG DEAL these awards really are. ( Note to self…..do more homework ).

Telstra just sent me through some of the messages of support that people had sent through – some of these messages were looped on a big screen throughout the event.  (Interestingly only two of the finalists had messages up there) and here they are, because they are nice, and I want to acknowledge some of the many people who are so supportive of me….

P.Dodd is ‘da Bomb!!’ She is a thinker and a creator, a mentor, a motivator, a champion of the cause.  This chick is someone who makes things happen. Big LOVE.  – Lix Walker-Speers

Best of luck! – Mandi Roti Hollywood Rissotti

Creative, innovative, authentic, inspirational & gutsy are my choice of superlatives celebrating the philanthropic business woman that is Penelope Dodd. Bravo! – Kay Richardson

To the best Produce Girl in the (north) West – here’s cheers to your continued success!! – Suse Henshaw

Penny is an absolute inspiration!   From a small kernel of an idea she has turned PTTP in to a great positive initiative for her community. – Garth Faulkner

Good Luck Penelope Dodd, what an amazing journey from excess tomatoes to feeding and inspiring a community.  You are one inspirational woman – Kim Arney

I am so proud of what Penelope has achieved in such a short time.  A stunning example of “from little things big things grow”.  Well done Penelope! – Debra Templar

Penelope, you are a social entrepreneur bar none. You constantly inspire, encourage and amaze me with your passion, commitment and world changing acts. Go girl. – Polly McGee

Can’t wait to hang out with you again soon. Mega inspiration… I’m keeping everything crossed for you Mwaaaaa xx – Jen Murnaghan

Right from the start, yours was a shining example of what one gal could do for the greater good Miss P. All the very best Mrs G and The clan. Xxx  – Joanna Gair

Wishing Penelope and her wonderful business Produce to the People every success.  Without her drive, passion and intelligence we wouldn’t have achieved so much. – Dr Tracy Edington-Mackay

Congrats on your nomination Penelope!  PTTP is an amazing project making a huge difference in our community.  I’m proud of you & the awesome work you’re doing! – Michelle Dupont


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