Shop and help us out!

We love what we do.  There is no doubt that delivering hundreds of kilos of veggies, working with all our magnificent partners, playing with kids in veggie gardens brings a HUGE smile to my face pretty much every day. But you know, there are fuel costs, van services, insurance, rego, wage costs  – all the less glamourous side of the project that need to be met, and there are not too many grants out there willing to fund those expenses.

Now there is an everyday way you can help.  Shop. That’s right folks, if you follow the link to Spend-Well by clicking on the image below a percentage of your spend can go to Produce to the People.  How awesome is that?

PTTP Spend-Well

All money donated will go towards keeping Produce to the People on the road and relevant to the NW Tasmanian community.

Of course if you want to make a HUGE, ENORMOUS, GIGANTIC contribution to fund one of our awesome in the works projects, give me ( Penelope ) a call ( on 0409 484 152) and I will talk you through how you can make a real difference in the North West.

Help spread the word?


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