It’s almost official.


There are going to be some changes here at Produce to the People HQ – our core funding ends soon. (Insert sad face). I am having one last ditch attempt over the next couple of weeks but to date,  as much as I’ve tried to secure more funds I have come up empty (mutters under her breath).

 We are currently consolidating how much and where we deliver bulk veggies, BUT we still want produce to be shared – so we are asking that you now give your backyard grown veggies to your neighbors & work mates,  or maybe someone you don’t know……random veggie bombing anyone??

We’ll be around for a little while yet (a few months) and the awesome Snack Garden Primary School program in Burnie will continue until the end of the school year (2013).

PS: We gathered around 2300 kilos of produce in February. Backyard gardeners gave us tomatoes, apples, lettuce, eggs, cucumber, zucchinis, beans, parsnips, carrots, pumpkins, squash, spuds and silverbeet. Some produce came from local Woolworths stores and, of course our fabulous broccoli benefactors grew it for us big time!  Ball park market cost of this grown, gathered, and given produce $11,000.

Thanks for your support over the last few years.

You’ve been awesome!

goodbye...for now!

PPS: So there is one awesome founder, all rounder exploring future work options.  If you have something exciting to offer head over to my LinkedIn profile to see if we might be a good fit? I’m open to offers and willing to relocate for the right position or project!


2 thoughts on “It’s almost official.

  1. I wish you all the best in the future!! What a wonderful project you have created and I am always sad to see funding end (BASTARDS) – funding is a bitch (BASTARD) to secure in the first place and it seems like the monies are never there for continued support. Good luck with your next adventure xo

  2. Lope, you are great and you have inspired us. We still have fingers crossed for.the funding to come through but IF NOT…please know how your imagination, courage, and stick-to-it-ive-ness have inspired the rest of us to think big, try harder, and reach for our dreams.

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