Produce to the People World | March 2013

squash, Tasmania. Produce to the People


“The measure of our success is not whether we add to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.” President Franklin Delano Roosevelt


What happened in Produce to the People Tasmania world in March?

Well, we gathered just over 1900 kilos of fresh produce for a start and gave it to Primary Schools and Community Houses. Let’s just say conservatively that’s around $7.5 grand in fresh produce shared for sharing’s sake.


Gardening Australia, Tasmania, Produce to the People

The Produce to the People story was filmed for an upcoming episode of Gardening Australia.  The ABC team was fab and giggles shared by all.  Not to give too much away, (unless you are following us on facebook), but we did film at two different locations and involved lots of our lovely friends.  The segment is due to air in June.


The School Snack Garden project we are running in six Burnie Primary Schools (Leighlands, Havenview, Riana, Burnie, Cooee and Stella Marist) is going SUPER WELL.  A big thanks to our Snack Garden Guru, Christian Parr, for entertaining and educating.  The feedback is phenomenal!  This project is set to run all year.

Of course we deliver fresh produce to these schools weekly as well and I did have a report that one student missed out on broccoli one week and was so distraught they cried!  We made super sure they didn’t miss out on a bag full the following week.


I was invited to speak at the Commonwealth Bank Women in Focus Sustainability Luncheon in Launceston.  A celebration for International Women’s Day. Yummy Stillwater food, and a room full of fabulous women.  I got to share the podium with Jane Bennett ex Ashgrove Cheese and Sarah Hirst from Leaning Church Vineyard.  Very interesting stories were told on the varying aspects of sustainability in business.


We still have some copies of “Raising Girls” kindly donated by Steve Biddulph for sale. Head on over to our shop page if you would like to purchase a copy.


One last ditch attempt at finding funding is under way with a proposal about to go out.  Never fear, if we are not successful I have heard along the grapevine that another organization has been funded to continue part of our good work (don’t get me started!).  The food they deliver may not be fresh…..but then one of our learnings has been that long life stuff is much easier for orgs to handle.  Sigh.

Worst case scenario, Produce to the People may cocoon for a little while but be assured will reappear in some form.  And that is hardly a negative outcome!

We are still around in our current form for a couple more months, but a collective crossing of fingers for our future please!

So, roll on April and remember to grow, gather, give and love the one you’re with





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