Spring has sprung!

Welcome one and all to a Produce to the People Tasmania update.

Busy. Busy. That’s what we’ve been. 

Raylene & Murray Produce to the People's uber volunteers.

Veggie deliveries have been so well received by our lovely Primary School partners.  We are now delivering fresh veggies whenever possible (sometimes Mother Nature puts a spanner in the works!) to 15 Primary Schools each week. My Produce to the People uber volunteers Raylene and Murray have been out and about delivering with smiles – what would we do without them?

Produce to the People Tasmania local bread givers

We also now have a lovely local bakery – Golden Grain – giving us bread a few times a week.  Thanks to them there are lots of breaky & lunch programs with yummy fresh bread. Over the School holiday we’ll be leaving the bread at the Burnie Community House a few times each week.

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Our School Snack Garden Program is growing in leaps and bounds.  Christian has been having awesome fun with the six participating Primary Schools in Burnie. Thanks to our new found Australian Government funding (via the previous government) we will continue this program until the end of the coming financial year.  Woop! Needless to say I have already been on the phone to our new Federal member Brett Whiteley to set up an appointment to talk all thing PttP.  Feel free to drop him a line to talk us up!

A huge congrats also to Christian (and his partner) who is going to become a dad.  A dad!! Yay!

The PttP Advisory Committee got together as well ( Daryl was in the UK so he missed the fun, brain exploding session AND Food by Ben dinner! ). We were trying to nail down those pesky but vital words that make up vision and mission – absolutely necessary for grant applications – and also to use as a guide for reigning in my million ideas a season mind.  My goodness what a day. Lots for me to process…..

How about a tally of the fresh produce you grew and we gathered and gave this month?

Well here it is:

1600 kilos of fresh, locally grown veggies  • three tubs of bread three times per week • and from Woolworths in Devonport, Ulverstone and Smithton 370 kilos of mixed groceries • That’s around a whopping $8000 worth of food that would have gone to land fill.


Hey. Thanks for stopping by,

Remember grow, gather, give and love the one you’re with x

PttP Penelope

To finish of this month’s update a little link love:

  • FREE keeping your veggies fresh guide via The Stonesoup – click on the fresh ingredients tab.

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