The gift that keeps on giving : a Veggie Crate Garden!

Produce to the People Tasmania Veggie Crate Gift

Growing your own veggies is one of the most rewarding things you can do and we’d love to help you start a veggie garden in your backyard.

This giving season how about considering a Produce to the People Veggie Garden Crate for yourself or your nearest and dearest?  There are several options available, give us a call and we can discuss the best for you.  We will be installing up to Christmas Day and then well into the New Year.

What a great New Year’s Resolution –  Growing your own Veggies!

Option A

Crate only = $80

Option B

DIY = PttP delivers a crate, lining, straw, plus bags of our special blend of soil/compost,  mulch & a Tasmanian veggie planting guide ready for you to DIY  = $295

Option C

The Full Shebang = PttP delivers & installs a crate, lined & filled with our special blend of soil/compost and all planted out with seedlings of the season & a Tasmanian veggie planting guide = $395

Option D

Ongoing maintenance = We come out once a month to spruce up your crate – includes new seedlings for your veggie crate each season = $60 per month/visit.

We use recycled veggie crates, local suppliers and all profits go back into running Produce to the People’s veggie delivery and school snack garden projects.

* Contact us to talk about commercial possibilities and to discuss delivery charges that may apply to some areas outside of the Burnie, NW Tasmania area.

Grow, gather, give and love the one you’re with  xx
Produce to the People Veggie Garden Crate


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