School’s back and that means….

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We are in for a huge first half of 2014 with a mammoth 20 schools to receive vegetables on a weekly basis, vegetables grown, gathered and given by awesome North West Tasmanian farmers and backyard growers, and let’s not forget Golden Grain Bakery in Burnie who give us bread three times a week, AND Woolworths where we collect from three, soon to be four supermarkets at least once a week.

That makes for a lot of food that might have gone to waste going to Primary School and now some Secondary School students.

We will be keeping up our Vegetable Garden program in seven Primary Schools as well for term one, and we plan to have some farmer visits to schools in May. Hopefully small animals will be involved!

Thanks to a small grant from the State Government we are also about to take ownership of a lovely trailer which means we will be able to cart a whole lot more veggies in one trip saving fuel and kilometres!

Of course we are back to the same old same old looking for funding that we seem to do every financial year.

I urge anyone in the Braddon electorate to contact prospective and sitting members of Parliament and  tell them why you think they should continue to support projects like Produce to the People.

I also invite any of those running to contact me – you might like to come on part of a veggie run, or shoot the breeze over a coffee. I’d love to talk with you about equity in regional funding amongst other things. And what a great photo opp for you!

Murray the wonder volunteer

Our fabulous volunteer Murray has left the NW for the North which means we are down a driver. We love Murray so much and wish him the very best on his new adventure.  If you are interested in giving up a day a week or fortnight, or month and have a valid manual licence, a decent sense of direction, can lift crates of veggies and have or can obtain a school safety clearance give us a call or send us an email!

Whilst on the subject of volunteers, I am thrilled to have a new one on board, Jenny, who is sourcing gorgeous recipes that will be posted here on a weekly basis.  Woop! I’m excited.  First one will be up soon.

That’s it for now.

Remember to grow, gather, give and love the one you’re with xx


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