We’ve found a new home!

We are truly excited about the new incarnation of Produce to the People and hope you will be too.

One of our greatest challenges has always been continuity of funding – or lack thereof. We know we do good work and with the support of the awesome and generous North West Tasmanian community have made a difference to many with our fresh veggie giving.

So, we are making the leap to develop & implement ideas to generate our own money, so that eventually we are no longer beholden to changes in government and the ever increasing pond of community orgs accessing any dollars out there available for food projects.

We are moving into The Farm at Burnie High School where we will be hosting a Work for the Dole program, launching a veggie box scheme that we will be growing for as well as purchasing veggies from local growers.  Yes folks, some of those “ugly veg” will be purchased by us and then find a little bit of love in one of our veggie boxes!  We will be launching a crowd funding campaign very soon as well.

veggie collage

Of course we will still be a hub for donated produce that will still be available to those who might not be able to find $’s in tight budgets for fresh produce. In fact we are very pleased to tell you that we are growing our relationship with Woolworths and will be gathering via their Fresh Food Rescue program from an additional 8 supermarkets in the North of the State.  We will work with orgs in each supermarket area to make sure the produce remains in the local area.  (Let’s face it, this food has already travelled far enough!)

So, how can you get involved?

Stage One:

  • You can come and visit us at The Farm on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday and help out in a volunteer capacity in the garden.
  • You can donate your home grown veg & we will make sure it goes to someone who will appreciate it

Stage Two:

  • You can purchase a veggie box from us (we will let you know when we are ready to launch this service – we are not quite ready yet!)
  • You can grow for us and we will negotiate to purchase your harvest


We will be at The Farm almost every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Come say hi!


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