The investments start to roll in!! #BeOneOfThe4000


Just look at these amazing people!!

We are so appreciative of all those that have taken the time to either bring in person, or go online and invest $25 in Produce to the People so we can continue our quest to grow, gather, give. It’s a total blast to know you understand and love what we do. You can head to this page if you want to invest right now!

One of the BIG reasons we are asking for investments from the community is so that we can become financially self sufficient outside of government grants but continue to provide our services to the community.  To give you an example – it is now July 16 and we are waiting on DPAC’s Emergency Food Relief  AND the Australian Government’s Work for the Dole payments to come through for projects that technically began on July 1.  It is still expected that we will DO THE WORK, we just have to WAIT to see the actual $’s.  Now this is all fine and dandy for the bureaucrats pushing the papers because I can tell you right now they are being paid, but us……. it’s just expected and accepted that we will hang in there.  What it actually means is that we have staff working for nothing and no WFD crew doing their work experience on The Farm i.e.: growing the food we give.  Yeah, sure, the money will appear eventually – maybe another 2 weeks (!) and then it will be all tickety-boo once more.

Enough already with the Thursday arvo mini rant!!

You can head here to see what we have been up to for the past 6 months and why the work we do is important in our community and again….

A HUGE THANK YOU to all that have invested so far.  It only takes a couple of minutes and you will feel REALLY, REALLY GOOD knowing you are supporting us to grow, gather and give.

small tractor silhouette


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