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Pttp week that was august 2015 week 4

Some of the stories shared with us on The Farm this week have been so heartbreaking. Tears welling up, hugs required, head shaking, heart pounding……and we are merely hearing the stories – not living them.

I’m not sure if many of us stop to think about how others in our community might be travelling. I know I can get caught up in my own randomly tumbling self absorbed thoughts at times but this week….This week has been a little overwhelming.

Domestic violence and the ways our courts are seemingly doing very little to protect women and children. The implications this has for extended family. A man, so ill he could barely catch his breath coming in to access fresh food – he had spent weeks in hospital after “surviving” on food that was clearly past its fit for consumption status. An increase in the numbers of elderly people coming into the hub to access fresh food. Women so distressed – they never thought they would have to visit a space like ours for food. I do not want to think about how many others are out there too ashamed to seek assistance.

This is not the kind of community I want to live in.

I attended a forum during the week, you can catch it here on ABC i view for a little while. Lots of talk about future prospects in the NW, some shaming of people from a place of priviledge, but not much discussion about how we make sure the most vulnerable in the community are being cared for. Given there was only 30 minutes allocated for the discussion we can forgive this omission, but I believe this has to be a part of every discussion we have about the present and future of our region.

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b and w carrot line drawing


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