A cool room. Seeds. Sunshine.

Produce to the People Tasmania Week that was September week 3

This week we were super privileged to have a cool room installed at The Farm funded via the Tasmanian Community Fund.  It’s already being put to good use with lots of lovely fresh produce inside and will get more and more full over the coming months.  It will make a big difference to what we can do.

Also on The Farm this week the installation of an animal walk made up of cut outs painted by BHS students past found hibernating in a storeroom (the animals not the students!) – a lot of weeding and lots of lovely seeds in the hothouse poking their little heads through the soil.  We can hardly wait the next few weeks out before the can be planted outside! Lots of stories shared by people accessing the Food Hub – each week we realise what an impact the sharing of food can make.

If you have an excess of any produce in your garden we would be very happy to receive it here on The Farm and share it with our community.  We are on site Monday – Thursday between 9 am and 3 pm and the Food Hub is open Tuesday – Thursday between 10:30 and 2:30.

b and w carrot line drawing


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