Our week on The Farm – hugels, celeriac, Ben’s Menu!

PttP Our week

This week our hugel bed started to take shape.  Hugel, swale, hugelkultur bed.  The Farm is built on a swamp so we get all sorts of water appearing in all sorts of places and a hugel is one way of dealing with it.  For more information on hugels head here.

Kim has the farm on fire with planting and we have ready to harvest kale, broad beans, silver beet, spinach and rocket and coming on salad greens, tomatoes, capsicum, eggplant, bacon, rhubarb, beans, squash, blackberries, young berries, potatoes, cape goosberries and water chestnuts.

We also took delivery of over 300 celeriac!  Celeriac to the people for sure. We have recipe links online and are sending people away with simple recipes to try with this interesting veg.  One of the good things about this food rescue is that people get to try a veg they would never purchase.

Of course one other pretty amazing thing happened for us this week……

Ben's Menu logo

OUR episode of Ben’s Menu aired.  So exciting for us and for the Burnie High students who got to cook with Ben Milbourne.  We have some more collaborations planned with Ben.  So watch this space!

Grow, gather, give and love the one you’re with x

b and w carrot line drawing


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