Break in…

break in.jpg

A big sigh to start the week….

To the jackass who broke into our Farm on the weekend you have successfully:

  • destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of plants
  • really maddened, annoyed, infuriated, riled and displeased the staff and wfd crew – and the wider community
  • put us back 2-3 months in our growing schedule

To be honest, we hope you are feeling guilty and ashamed of yourself.

However, you have not broken our spirit or determination.  The animals you let out got to have a good dig around for which they are very pleased! The small business owners who have to come and replace the broken windows earn an income. And a brand new smoking hot security system will be put in place to prevent you and your like ever doing this again.

The police are on the job so expect a knock on the door any time now.

Meanwhile, we continue with our growing, gathering, giving – just a little behind schedule!

b and w carrot line drawing


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