A new employee!


Ben WFrom Work for the Dole participant to PttP Inc employee we are pleased as punch to welcome Ben as a now paid PttP team member!

Ben has always been the quiet achiever on The Farm.  Head down in the vegetable gardens in his “uniform” of high viz, always ready to put in a full days work, no excuses just gets the job done.

Ben has a background in farm work and has also worked as a teachers aid working with some of the challenging kids in the classrooms which makes him perfect for working on the PttP farm where we have lots of interaction with the Burnie High students.

Only good can come of it!

Josh and the giant beets

PS: another of our WFD crew got a job this week – Josh (of the giant beets) had expressed an interest in becoming a baker but with no experience this can be a hard profession to crack.  Luckily we have a fabulous relationship with local GOLDEN GRAIN BAKERY who donate bread to us twice weekly and they were happy to give him some work experience IF he came in to talk to the baker at a certain time.  Josh was onto it and within a week he was up at 2am to get into the bakery by 3am to start the days bake.  Within a week he was making product unassisted ( a natural! ) and now he has a job.  Casual hours to be sure but we all have high hopes for Josh to be elbow deep in flour for years to come.

And now when we collect the bread from Golden Grain for our emergency food relief hub chances are our Josh may all have had a hand in baking it!

PPS: You might remember Tomas, one of our other WFD participants that we profiled late last year?  He is now working at Mader, fitting out specialist vehicles #winning

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