President’s Annual Reports

President Report 2016

Produce to the People – President

This year began with PttP becoming an incorporated body and election of five board members and by the end of 2016 grown to 10 who hail from various locations across Tasmania and varied skills.

 Financials | Two years of DPAC grant 1/7/16 -30/6/18 plus remaining WD Booth funds [for produce boxes] along with work for the dole programs are the main income source. Give now, other personal and monthly at the farm donations make up the remaining cash flow.

 Income generation – A give now campaign commenced, donation containers were placed in various locations late 2016 and in the pipeline DGR status. DGR or similar is an area that needs to be a priority for 2017 to enable donation tax deductibility.

Several grant submissions – sadly unsuccessful [AMP, Empowering Youth round 2 partnered with Live well Tasmania]

Account mechanics employed to facilitate monthly accounting and finally in December 2016 filled the board treasurer role.

General operations

  • Work for the dole programs continued to be a source of income and work grunt at the farm. Amongst changing program guidelines and organisations, participant numbers were low compared to potential forecasted numbers. There was success with some participants gaining jobs.
  • Paid staff reduced due to a number of reasons and currently there is a reliance on the influx of volunteers
  • Expanded into growing more at the farm although rain did impede this, as do funds.



  • finalist Tasmanian Community – Prime Super Community Group Of The Year.
  • Two year anniversary on The Farm at Burnie High – that’s seven years PttP has been around, two at the hub!
  • W4D participants gaining jobs
  • Volunteers – we have been overrun with people wishing to volunteer; they join our number one superstar volunteer Michelle on Jan 10 for an orientation day. Look out among other things, weeds!
  • Catch 22 – whilst there is a whole lotta love for what pttp does the number of people accessing means what we have to give is less. We reduced the number of open days from three to two.

 Patronage – Increasing numbers through the gate 9342 in 2016 a 79% increase; not bad when we open only two days /week. Additionally, around 8000 via our remote food access service [extending from Smithton through to Launceston].

Some savvy advocating to various political parties continued with proposals being provided to engage interest at both state and federal level. Most with the exception of one politician have come and toured the farm hub, however as yet lead to nothing fruitful on a financial front.

 Community support from fantastic food producers e.g. Lion Nathan, Wynyard fishmonger, Costas, Golden Grain bakery, FARMERS and BACKYARD GROWERS continues. A total of 41,000 kilos of produce in 2016 was gathered and grown then given to those needing a little bit of help whether it be once or every week.

 Penelope Dodd continues to be a strong, local champion for the community, savvy to opportunities and a never give up attitude; the world will provide.

Lee-Anne Mundy   2016 President



President Report – Produce to the People Inc. March 2016

 “Produce to the People Tasmania works in the North West of Tasmania, Australia growing, gathering & giving fresh, locally grown produce from backyards & farms to those most food insecure”

The end of 2015/16 was signalled a big change for Produce to the People [PttP], it became an Incorporated body and an executive was formed. Founded by Penelope Dodd since its inception in 2009 it has relied upon grants, donations, media and political savvy to get to where it is now. Penelope Dodd continues in the role of Founder/program manager.

In the short period since transitioning to an incorporated body:

  • all our programs are operating as planned
  • GST approval is on-going
  • we are investigating deductible gift recipient status [DGR] to assist in our grant seeking endeavours

We have transitioned to an incorporated body with a positive bank balance thanks to a recent grant from WD Booth and Work for the Dole programs. Many of our regular customers tell us about the lack of funds (sometimes a food budget of $20 a week after outgoings) and/or the lack of mobility or transport for others – we decided to do something about it. The WD Booth grant saw the community veg box delivery to our senior community members come to fruition. Work for the dole programs continue to inject muscle into the work required at the free food farm hub and we provide them with valuable skills; employment has been gained by three participants over the last three months!

 A president’s report wouldn’t be complete without a few stats when we wrapped up at the end of 2015:

  • 5214 people visited our Emergency Food Relief hub
  • an additional 2622 people had food delivered [by people visiting the hub or our Wynyard outreach]
  • Our outreach food collection partner programs (based in Smithton, Ulverstone, East Devonport and Launceston) saw an additional 8000 people assisted.  That is a whopping 15,836 people.

 In Burnie alone we have gathered 20,000 kilos of fresh produce, 20,769 rolls and 5243 loaves of bread

 Thank you to all those who re-nominated for executive positions and we welcome to Tom Ellison as our Treasurer. We are very grateful for continued support from our patron Ben Milbourne [Bens Menu/ Masterchef contestant] also. Lastly to our fabulous on farm team of paid workers [woop!] who grow gather and give every day…we thank you for your hard work that makes a lot of people very happy. Together with a shared vision we will continue to grow together, gather more friends and funds so we can give back to our community.

Oh and Reggie the farm cat need we say more; it’s worth coming to the farm just for some of his love…

Lee-Anne Mundy, President PttP Inc.

Grow Gather Give

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