Broccoli Adventures

When one of your farmer buddies sends you a message on a Saturday arvo “Hey there Penelope.  We have sgitloads of broccoli.  Like 2000 heads that we can’t sell.  Do you want it?” You, of course immediately go into action! Facebook post call out for volunteers.  Txt to the TAPP teacher to ask for student assistance.  BOOM.  Within hours we had a team ready to head to the farm Monday morning.

One of the wettest weekends preluded the visit so we were thrilled to see bright sunshine on Monday.  Trailer hooked up the convoy left our HQ at Burnie High for the 40 minute drive to Preston.

Why was there a field of broc available for us?

The weather.  This field wasn’t due to be ready for harvest for another two weeks but mother nature had other ideas and our peeps were the winners.

An hour later we had harvested and we headed back to our farm to sort ready for the food hub opening on Tuesday morning.

What can you do with all that broccoli?  Here are some links to totally delicious recipes.  ENJOY!








Piglets and bees : our visit to West Ulverstone Primary, Grade 2

Some mornings are a joy to get up to.  And today was one of them!

As you know we deliver fresh veggies each week to around 20 Primary Schools along the North West Coast, and we run Veggie Gardening classes in seven of those schools as well.  Well today I took a couple of farmers with me to visit the Grade 2 class at West Ulverstone Primary…….

West Ulverstone Grade 2 Farmers visitEliza from Mount Gnomon Farm and Matthew from Twelve Acre Wood Honey came with me and we chatted with the children about what they ate for dinner last night – and where did they think that food came from.  Was it grown in Tasmania?  In Australia?  Or did it come from another country?

Then we got down to the nitty gritty.  Did they like bacon?  Where did that come from?  And what about honey?

We spent a good hour and a half discussing all kinds of things. It was enormous fun!

A huge thanks to Eliza and Matthew for giving up their time and to West Ulverstone for taking up our offer of a farmer visit. If you are interested in us bringing a farmer or two to your school give us a call and we’ll see what we can do!