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Would you like to support Produce to the People Inc?

Your donation – a one off or monthly offering – will help free us from endless grant writing and lobbying, meaning we can spend much more time growing, gathering and giving.

Your donation will enable us to keep the garden growing, the food hub open & create employment opportunities as we embark on a range of social enterprise projects.

Spread the word to help us to continue to feed the thousands of people who come to us for food each year?

*In 2016 we assisted over 9000 people in the Burnie area with fresh produce

You could head on over and commit right now if you wanted!



An increase in the numbers of wonderful people volunteering with us means we need some additional equipment to keep our farm humming.  The more produce we can grow helps us to feed the continual increase in numbers of friends, families, elders and others accessing food from us each week via our fresh food access/emergency food relief hub #communityfood
For the gardens:

Sugar cane mulch or pea straw bales  x as many as we can get our hands on!

For the food hub:

Chest Freezer to store bread and frozen meals


Tinned beans, tuna


Flour + sugar suitable for baking

Long life milk

Honey, vegemite, peanut butter


You can drop your offering in any Tuesday or Thursday between 9 + 2

 PttP hands


4 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Sounds like a wonderful project! Would love to come and visit and perhaps help, sometime. Where are you? Happy to help to promote what you’re doing, from Melbourne. Let me know.
    Best wishes, Kristina

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