Free Food Hub

Food Hub photo grid

We are funded by the Tasmanian Government to provide EMERGENCY FOOD RELIEF.

Our focus is on FRESH PRODUCE, so you will always see as much fruit and veg as we can get our hands on. We add value to this fresh produce by purchasing a small amount of pantry staple items from Foodbank.

We gather bi-weekly from Woolworths (Smithton = Wyndarra, Burnie = Produce to the People, Ulverstone = Grove House etc, Devonport & Port Sorell =  Eastern Shore Community House) Each store gives different produce each time.  Some stores only donate bread, some stores donate fruit and veg and meat and dairy. We also gather from local bakers twice a week and Betta milk once a month. Our friends at Second Bite deliver to us twice a week as well.

We are open almost every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10:30 and 2:30. (We do close on public holidays ).

We ask no questions of anyone who comes through our gate. We have set up our EFR hub as a greengrocer store so you can choose what you need.  We only ask that you are mindful that sometimes we see 60+ people a day and strive to make sure there is always something for every person. If you can make a donation this goes towards topping up the pantry.

You will see a busy team of people growing things on site as well.  This gives us certainty of supply.

We are here if you need fresh food support!

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