Want to give us veggies?

veggie collage


Produce to the People operates in the North West of Tasmania & gathers fresh, locally grown produce that might be going to waste & gives it to the most food insecure in the community.  We’ve been around for 6 years now & last year we gave approximately 20,000 kilos of veggies away. 

We would love to add some veggie variety and fruit to the mix! 

We are based on The Farm at Burnie High School where we run a #FreeFoodHub as well as running educational workshops, tours AND are developing a social enterprise.  We very much believe a combined approach of access to fresh food + education has the greatest long term benefit.  We also try to connect the school community with local producers building relationships with local business and hopefully nurturing future consumers.

We are very mindful of all the hard work that goes into being a farmer & in an ideal world would love to one day be able to pay for produce, * this will happen once we earn enough via our social enterprise endeavours.

In the meantime we would love to hear from you if you do have any produce that you think we may be able to share.

Please contact Penelope if you have any questions or would like to help out on 0409 484 152, via the contact form below or via our facebook page.

For smaller, backyard quantities you can come visit us on The Farm @ Burnie High School.  We are there every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10:30 and 2:30.


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