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Keeping stats is part of every community project.  Stats on produce grown, stats on produce gathered, stats on produce given, stats on volunteer hours, stats on people assisted…..

We keep a tally every day we are open of the food we gather AND the numbers of people we assist, we try to keep this low key as we are pretty firm about dignity with food access but every year over one month we get into a little more detail and ask a series of questions to gather demographic stats. Luckily for us our Board Member Amina Keygan is officially a Population Demographer and she is able to translate the data for us.

Here’s the information gathered over the month of May, 2017:

In May 2017, 1,703 people were fed food sourced from Produce to the People. This was up from April (1,043) figures by 660 people or an increase of 63%. The majority of people who sourced food from Produce to the People were women (76%), and were aged primarily between 35-39 years old and those aged over 65 years.

The majority of those assisted in May were from the 7320 postcode (63%), followed by those in the 7325 postcode (17%). Similarly, 63% of those assisted in May were pensioners, followed by those who were unemployed (19%) and carers (8%). Of those on a pension, almost half were on a disability pension, while one quarter were on the aged pension. The remaining clients were either sole parents or living on a carer’s pension.

Only 1% of clients who accessed the service were on incomes between $26,000-$40,000 per annum, while the remaining 99% lived on incomes of less than $25,000.

The ‘average’ client was single, followed by those who are living in coupled relationships, and the majority of those who access Produce to the People gather food for 2-3 people (45%), although a large proportion of clients are accessing food for five or more people (22%). Close to 60% of those coming to Produce to the People are accessing food for their families and themselves (19%), followed by those who collect food for friends unable to (14%). Close to half (49%) of all clients are accessing the food service weekly, followed by those who access the service twice weekly (14%).


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New Year, New Board, New Vision



Media Release: 11 January 2017

For Immediate Release


New Year, New Board, New Vision

Produce to the People has welcomed some new faces to their board’s executive at their AGM this week, adding considerable experience, skills and energy to the social enterprise. Former Vice President Dr Polly McGee has taken on position of President, she is joined by Ms Cat Gale-Stanton as Vice President, Ms Tanya Trost as Treasurer and Ms Jo Smith taking on the role of Secretary. Ms Amina Keygan remains in her role as Public Officer.

The new board is working closely with Founder and General Manager Ms Penelope Dodd to realise the organisations strategic vision of growing Produce to the People as a vibrant social enterprise with its own revenue stream.

“I’m thrilled to be continuing on my work with Produce to the People as President, and along with the board and General Manager, single pointedly pursuing the organisation transitioning from existing on donations and transient funding to creating our own sustainable revenue,” Said Dr McGee.

“The people of the North West community that we serve are the reason we all contribute the time and energy we do. We need to make Produce to the People a stable fixture that they can rely on.”

Founder Penelope Dodd acknowledged the work of the previous inaugural board members at the AGM, citing their willingness and faith to step up and in when the organisation became incorporated 12 months ago.

“Having a skills based board is critical for a lean organisation like Produce to the People. In the new executive we have significant local and international experience in commercialisation, funding, traditional and digital media, communications strategy, financial management, NGO’s, social enterprise, demography, nutrition and permaculture,” Ms Dodd said.

“We are all excited to get our hands dirty – literally and metaphorically with our plans for creating revenue streams to support and grow the food hub and farm. Our dream is to be able to not only develop fresh and value added products here at the farm, but to train and employ local people.”

Produce to the People is a social enterprise based in Burnie on the Burnie High School Farm. It provides fresh food grown at the farm and donated by individuals and businesses free to local people with food security issues. In 2016 demand for the service grew by 76%. 41 tonnes of food was distributed to 9342 people in the Burnie area alone.

Recurring monthly donations can be made with a simple sign up here

To volunteer your time and expertise in the garden, to work in the food hub, or for corporate donations contact founder Penelope Dodd on 0409 484 152 or

Media enquiries to founder Penelope Dodd on 0409 484 152 or President Polly McGee 0488301143




A new season begins. Welcome to Autumn.

last of the summer toms

Are you having whacky weather where you live?  It’s thrown my veggie patch into a spin and it has certainly had an impact on how much produce is available to us via our farm connections.  It will be interesting to watch over the coming seasons to get a real sense of how changes to climate might affect our food supply.

Having said that we are gathering some delightful and delicious produce from our backyard growers, gorgeous multi coloured carrots, rocket to die for, tomatoes, silver beet and more.  Not so many zucchinis which makes a change – I still recall with awe the great zuc donation from our early days!

Whilst we are gathering a little less produce we now have a wait list from organisations asking for us to deliver to them. What to do?  Might be time for a systematic rethink of how we go about our community food project business.

Primary School Veggie Gardens  2014

Our Veggie Gardens in Primary Schools program is going super well with wonderfully positive feedback from all those involved. Fingers crossed we might secure further funding to keep it going and even expand.

Anything you would especially like to see on the PttP blog?  We will be introducing some more seasonal recipe very soon and i’ll be interviewing a new group of Passionate Producers from the NW.

In other things PttP, I am thrilled to welcome Amina Keygan to the Produce to the People Advisory Committee. Amina is a population researcher and demographer and actually likes writing grant applications! OMG, we have struck GOLD. For more information about the members, head over to our web site.

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As always, grow, gather, give and love the one you’re with xx