A new season begins. Welcome to Autumn.

last of the summer toms

Are you having whacky weather where you live?  It’s thrown my veggie patch into a spin and it has certainly had an impact on how much produce is available to us via our farm connections.  It will be interesting to watch over the coming seasons to get a real sense of how changes to climate might affect our food supply.

Having said that we are gathering some delightful and delicious produce from our backyard growers, gorgeous multi coloured carrots, rocket to die for, tomatoes, silver beet and more.  Not so many zucchinis which makes a change – I still recall with awe the great zuc donation from our early days!

Whilst we are gathering a little less produce we now have a wait list from organisations asking for us to deliver to them. What to do?  Might be time for a systematic rethink of how we go about our community food project business.

Primary School Veggie Gardens  2014

Our Veggie Gardens in Primary Schools program is going super well with wonderfully positive feedback from all those involved. Fingers crossed we might secure further funding to keep it going and even expand.

Anything you would especially like to see on the PttP blog?  We will be introducing some more seasonal recipe very soon and i’ll be interviewing a new group of Passionate Producers from the NW.

In other things PttP, I am thrilled to welcome Amina Keygan to the Produce to the People Advisory Committee. Amina is a population researcher and demographer and actually likes writing grant applications! OMG, we have struck GOLD. For more information about the members, head over to our web site.

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As always, grow, gather, give and love the one you’re with xx