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You are invited to the opening of our amazing CHOOK HOUSE DOME!

Lovingly designed and built by all round Mr Nice Guy – Kingsley Arney with the help of a work for the dole crew (kind of) and wonderful volunteer Tony.

All welcome at MIDDAY, Tuesday 28th February.

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An image can tell how many stories?


Lovely backyard grown lemons gathered and given | a new Work for the Dole project begun | LOTS of hothouse action | farm tours with kinder kiddies | another super busy few weeks in the emergency food relief hub – we are assisting an average of 200 people each day we open  | can you help us fill our pantry by making a monthly donation of $25?  We only need 16 people/month to do this to be able to fully stock with pasta, cereal, eggs – the staples we can’t grow ourselves | BIG HUGS to our community – we love being a part of a place that knows kindness.


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2015 in review

Produce to the People | our week on The Farm November week 1 2015

The calculations have been done and we are all blown away by the Produce to the People stats for 2015.

5214 people visited our Emergency Food Relief hub in Burnie + an additional 2622 people had food delivered to them by people visiting the hub and via our outreach to Wynyard.  Our outreach food collection partner programs (based in Smithton, Ulverstone, East Devonport and Launceston) saw an additional 8000 people assisted.  That is a whopping 15,836 people.

Let’s pause to think about the actual EFR hub numbers….Burnie has a population of just under 20,000 people and we have seen 5214 come through our little door in 2015. Yes, we see some people more than once but a majority are unique visits.

In Burnie alone we have gathered 20,000 kilos of fresh produce, 20,769 rolls and 5243 loaves of bread.  This doesn’t include the ambient goods we purchase via Foodbank.

I am so proud of our team (staff, work for the dole participants, Burnie High students and our volunteers) who are all a part of making this happen.  Our Farm is going great guns with so much of the land now under production.  There is going to be so much produce to the people in 2016!


More produce is a good thing because we imagine the numbers of people through our doors will increase and we will also be growing our produce box outreach program.  We will announce more about this, and a few other exciting projects, in the coming month.

So 2015.  Lots of fresh veggies, lots of people, lots of tv appearances!  A cool room, a new Patron, new relationships with generous farmers and lots of visits from interested community groups and school kiddies.

Lots of community love, which is what we are all about.

Grow, gather, give and love the one you’re with  xx

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