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You are invited to the opening of our amazing CHOOK HOUSE DOME!

Lovingly designed and built by all round Mr Nice Guy – Kingsley Arney with the help of a work for the dole crew (kind of) and wonderful volunteer Tony.

All welcome at MIDDAY, Tuesday 28th February.

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January 2016. We’re back!

week one 2016 Produce to the People.jpg

A veggie garden explosion – in a good way! Rain, then sun, then rain, then sun.

Gratitude and tears from emergency food relief customers – we often get people bursting into tears, a mixture of relief and stress build up and shame and gratitude.  Yes we give hugs if needed!

Florence is comfortable enough to take carrots from our hands (exciting!) and we are still waiting for Francine to drop her cria – any day now.

The chook house has gone up a level and is really starting to take shape. Tomas has been experimenting with ferrocement tree stump lookalike footings for the nesting boxes to rest on. It’s a work of art in progress this chook house!

The never ending to-ing and fro-ing of contracts and projects and bureaucracy make-no-sense decisions blah blah blah.

Exciting announcements due  in the next few weeks and we hope you will continue to come along for the ride.

Grow, gather, give and love the one you’re with x