Did you miss Tasmania on Eat Australia last night?

In case you missed it (AND US!) here is a link to Episode 1 of Eat Australia.  A HUGE shout out must go to Andy Allen and Ben Milbourne for helping to showcase the amazingness of Tasmania.  Those of us lucky enough to live here wake up to the beauty everyday #winning

After watching, f you are inspired to help Produce to the People continue our good works you can DONATE or VOLUNTEER.  

You will have to sign in to watch the episode at SBS On Demand:


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Media Release


A week in August 2016

Give a Little, Gain a Lot

To celebrate social enterprise Produce to the People’s two year anniversary on the Burnie High School Farm growing, gathering and giving fresh produce to some of North West Tasmania’s most vulnerable citizens, Founder Penelope Dodd and the PttP Board are calling on Tasmanian’s across the state to commit a little money every month to give a lot to people in their community.

“As the farm gears up for spring growing season, and our clients gear up for the end of year expenses associated with winter power bills and the impending festive season, we are calling on Tasmanian’s who are lucky enough to have their needs comfortably met to share their abundance,” said Ms Dodd.

“Just $25 dollars a month from your budget will help to fill our pantry, put seedlings in our farm garden and deliver boxes of fresh produce to Tasmanian elders who are struggling to eat.

“By forgoing a bottle of wine, or a takeout dinner, or a few coffees, you will unbelievably transform the outlook of someone who often by a single life event such as redundancy or relationship breakdown has found themselves having to access emergency food relief.”

The most recent set of figures from Produce to the People paint a somber picture of food security on the North West, with increasing amounts of produce being distributed to the ‘working poor.’

To the end of August this year, 4561 people had relied on the service for providing food for themselves and their families, an increase of 36% on 2015 figures.

“It’s a simple equation: if we have more funding, we can grow more fresh food at the farm and feed more people. Produce to the People is passionate about supporting our community to eat wholesome fresh grown food, connecting people and offering dignity without judgment.

“We can all play a role in that. Many of us won’t miss $25 a month, and I guarantee you will gain a spring in your step knowing you are feeding a single mum or dad, or someone’s grandma, or one of our veterans.”

Recurring monthly donations can be made with a simple sign up here https://www.givenow.com.au/producetothepeople

To volunteer your time and expertise in the garden, to work in the food hub, or for corporate donations contact founder Penelope Dodd on 0409 484 152 or producetothepeople@ymail.com

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An image can tell how many stories?


Lovely backyard grown lemons gathered and given | a new Work for the Dole project begun | LOTS of hothouse action | farm tours with kinder kiddies | another super busy few weeks in the emergency food relief hub – we are assisting an average of 200 people each day we open  | can you help us fill our pantry by making a monthly donation of $25?  We only need 16 people/month to do this to be able to fully stock with pasta, cereal, eggs – the staples we can’t grow ourselves | BIG HUGS to our community – we love being a part of a place that knows kindness.


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