A week in August

A week in August 2016

There’s a lot that goes into making Produce to the People tick on a weekly basis.  This week though special LOVE goes out to the gorgeous people that donated to make what we do such a joy:

We had pumpkins, lemons and parsley from backyards.

Coffee grinds and chaff from Infuse Coffee Burnie for our compost.

Bread from Golden Grain Bakery and Woolworths.

Trout and king fish from a fishmonger in Wynyard.

Boxes of goodies from the staff at Caterpillar Burnie

All sorts of produce from Second Bite.

And of course we have been enjoying LOTS OF CHEESE from Lion Co.

Plus produce grown and gathered from our own farm and tended by the wonderful Kim, Kinglsey and the WFD crew.

All this food was shared via 28 home deliveries and ten Primary School produce boxes, and another 120 homes via people visiting us in our food hub.

All in a weeks work.

PS: And a special shout out must go to our awesome vols Michelle, Caitlin and Margaret who gather and give!

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March on The Farm

end of March 2016

It’s the end of March, the end of summer.  A crazy, produce filled summer!

We’ve done the calculations and can tell you that in March we saw 689 people through our gate and gathered 424 loaves of bread, 1782 rolls, 2640 kilos of gathered produce and we grew 761 kilos ourselves.

Our veggie box deliveries to elders are being very well received – remember if you know someone who might benefit from a home delivery of fresh produce each week get in touch.  We are LOVING doing the deliveries in Burnie and Wynyard.

Burnie HIPPY group visiting PttP on The FarmWe had the most delightful visit from the Burnie HIPPY group – nothing says joy like 20 or so kiddies with their mums wandering through The Farm smelling herbs, feeding alpacas and chooks, planting seeds and harvesting potatoes and nachis!  If you have a group who might like to visit head over here to make an initial enquiry.

Our awesome new chook house is almost complete and I have heard we might be getting some new silkies to replace the ones that “disappeared”.  Hopefully these will stay with us much longer.

PTTP Inc held its AGM and our wonderful board member’s details can be seen over here.

We also managed to put in one awesome grant application and if we are successful it will mean just SO MUCH GOOD for PttP.  Cross everything for us? We will find out in July if we have been successful.

If you would like to support our work you can head over to Give Now to make a donationWe are ALL about fresh produce, food access with dignity for all.

And now, we would very much like some rain, lots of it – a rain dance might be in order!

Grow, gather, give and love the one you’re with xx

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2015 in review

Produce to the People | our week on The Farm November week 1 2015

The calculations have been done and we are all blown away by the Produce to the People stats for 2015.

5214 people visited our Emergency Food Relief hub in Burnie + an additional 2622 people had food delivered to them by people visiting the hub and via our outreach to Wynyard.  Our outreach food collection partner programs (based in Smithton, Ulverstone, East Devonport and Launceston) saw an additional 8000 people assisted.  That is a whopping 15,836 people.

Let’s pause to think about the actual EFR hub numbers….Burnie has a population of just under 20,000 people and we have seen 5214 come through our little door in 2015. Yes, we see some people more than once but a majority are unique visits.

In Burnie alone we have gathered 20,000 kilos of fresh produce, 20,769 rolls and 5243 loaves of bread.  This doesn’t include the ambient goods we purchase via Foodbank.

I am so proud of our team (staff, work for the dole participants, Burnie High students and our volunteers) who are all a part of making this happen.  Our Farm is going great guns with so much of the land now under production.  There is going to be so much produce to the people in 2016!


More produce is a good thing because we imagine the numbers of people through our doors will increase and we will also be growing our produce box outreach program.  We will announce more about this, and a few other exciting projects, in the coming month.

So 2015.  Lots of fresh veggies, lots of people, lots of tv appearances!  A cool room, a new Patron, new relationships with generous farmers and lots of visits from interested community groups and school kiddies.

Lots of community love, which is what we are all about.

Grow, gather, give and love the one you’re with  xx

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