Piglets and bees : our visit to West Ulverstone Primary, Grade 2

Some mornings are a joy to get up to.  And today was one of them!

As you know we deliver fresh veggies each week to around 20 Primary Schools along the North West Coast, and we run Veggie Gardening classes in seven of those schools as well.  Well today I took a couple of farmers with me to visit the Grade 2 class at West Ulverstone Primary…….

West Ulverstone Grade 2 Farmers visitEliza from Mount Gnomon Farm and Matthew from Twelve Acre Wood Honey came with me and we chatted with the children about what they ate for dinner last night – and where did they think that food came from.  Was it grown in Tasmania?  In Australia?  Or did it come from another country?

Then we got down to the nitty gritty.  Did they like bacon?  Where did that come from?  And what about honey?

We spent a good hour and a half discussing all kinds of things. It was enormous fun!

A huge thanks to Eliza and Matthew for giving up their time and to West Ulverstone for taking up our offer of a farmer visit. If you are interested in us bringing a farmer or two to your school give us a call and we’ll see what we can do!


August 2012….the low down

I sometimes look back at a month, not realizing how much awesome stuff has happened.  I highly recommend you go back over your calendar or facebook page and check out what you accomplished….you might be surprised!

This month we attended the new Kommunity Kids program in Wivenhoe.  It happens at the show grounds on the third Thursday of the month after school.

We gathered LOTS of bread from a local bakery.  If you make your way to Burnie Community House on a Friday morning you will see the spoils.

We have started to gather lovely backyard grown produce again, lovingly grown in the suburbs of the North West.  We’ve had lemons and garlic and eggs.  We are so looking forward, as the weather warms, to gather more!

We had crates donated to us by Bruen’s and then two lovely young men, Caden and Huw helped cut them down to size so they fit snugly as filler crates on the back of the new ute.

Speaking of our new ute (thanks Burnie Council) we ran a little competition on facebook to come up with a name. “Pomona” was the clear winner…..(and thanks to Dave at Mason’s for popping her name on the side)

Pomona (Latin: Pōmōna) was a goddess of fruitful abundance in ancient Roman religion and myth. Her name comes from the Latin word pomum, “fruit,” specifically orchard fruit. (“Pomme” is the French word for “apple”.) She was said to be a wood nymph and a part of the Numia, guardian spirits who watch over people, places, or homes.


We attended the UTAS Open Day and got to hear wonderful stories from Matthew Evans, Red Cow Dairies and many others & I got to meet the lovely folks from Locahaven Produce (they farm 300 acres at the top of Mount Street in Burnie!) and spend the day sharing a room with Red Cow Dairy, Mary’s Berries, Mount Gnomon and lovely Hillfarm Preserves.



We have also joined the world of pinterest.  It’s a place to “pin” lovely photographs that catch my eye…..scrumptious food, lovely gardens, chooks.  If you like to look, this is the place to go.


In August we gathered 1766 kilos


Produce to the People received a grant via the Commonwealth Back Staff Community Fund!  We will be working in Burnie Primary Schools over a whole school year getting students excited about veggies.  Growing them and eating them!

I also found out that I am a Tasmanian finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards, in the Community and Government category.  I’ll be heading down to Hobart next week for the announcement of the winner.  Exciting stuff!

I have also finished another grant application (nothing new in that!) this time for the Food for all Tasmanians grant round.  It will be amazingly exciting if we are successful.  We submitted a proposal with some super fantastic projects that will have long term positive outcomes.

September is going to be quiet on the veggie front.  Super quiet. So I am taking the opportunity to slow down a bit, recharge and get ready for the huge months to follow.


Grow, gather, give and love the one you’re with….