Volunteers – WE NEED YOU!


We are on the look out for more lovely volunteers because our farm and food hub won’t survive unless we get some more bodies on board, stat!


We are looking for FOOD HUB HELPERS on Thursday’s.  You will rock up at around 9:30 and help unload the van of bread and produce, help sort it, make the food hub look bountiful, then assist with filling shelves and generally being a ray of light in the hub.  A little bit of sweeping and bob’s your uncle!

WEEDERS,  MULCHERS + WATERERS also needed on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

You will need a working with vulnerable people check to volunteer with us as we are on school grounds.

Head over to our VOLUNTEER page to find out more and to complete the preliminary paperwork. 


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January 2016. We’re back!

week one 2016 Produce to the People.jpg

A veggie garden explosion – in a good way! Rain, then sun, then rain, then sun.

Gratitude and tears from emergency food relief customers – we often get people bursting into tears, a mixture of relief and stress build up and shame and gratitude.  Yes we give hugs if needed!

Florence is comfortable enough to take carrots from our hands (exciting!) and we are still waiting for Francine to drop her cria – any day now.

The chook house has gone up a level and is really starting to take shape. Tomas has been experimenting with ferrocement tree stump lookalike footings for the nesting boxes to rest on. It’s a work of art in progress this chook house!

The never ending to-ing and fro-ing of contracts and projects and bureaucracy make-no-sense decisions blah blah blah.

Exciting announcements due  in the next few weeks and we hope you will continue to come along for the ride.

Grow, gather, give and love the one you’re with x


The first week in December

December week 1 on The PttP Farm.jpg

A sucky start but a fabulous finish.  This was our week on The Farm.

A break in to begin – we are still shaking our heads (as is the majority of the community) as to why some numnut would take the time to break in, release the animals knowing full well they would get into the veggie gardens and eat everything in sight – tip over the portaloo and bins, break windows, turn on taps – knowing they would flood the garden – they maybe didn’t know it would then flood the storerooms and food hub – and pull out SO MANY plants.  We are still waiting to see if the front garden was in fact covered in chemicals.

However, the response from the community has been wonderful.  So many donations of plants, so many kind words for our work, so many in disbelief that someone would do such a thing. We are loving our community for knowing that planting plants is good for the soul.


The fabulous finish was threefold – the above mentioned community support.  Some fabulous work placement students from Burnie High flexing their muscles to mulch for hours and hours AND a visit from the Kinder class at Cooee Primary.  These tiny energetic, questioning, enthusiastic, scrumptious dynamos were just the tonic we needed!

Grow, gather, give and love the one you’re with xx

b and w carrot line drawing