A week in August

A week in August 2016

There’s a lot that goes into making Produce to the People tick on a weekly basis.  This week though special LOVE goes out to the gorgeous people that donated to make what we do such a joy:

We had pumpkins, lemons and parsley from backyards.

Coffee grinds and chaff from Infuse Coffee Burnie for our compost.

Bread from Golden Grain Bakery and Woolworths.

Trout and king fish from a fishmonger in Wynyard.

Boxes of goodies from the staff at Caterpillar Burnie

All sorts of produce from Second Bite.

And of course we have been enjoying LOTS OF CHEESE from Lion Co.

Plus produce grown and gathered from our own farm and tended by the wonderful Kim, Kinglsey and the WFD crew.

All this food was shared via 28 home deliveries and ten Primary School produce boxes, and another 120 homes via people visiting us in our food hub.

All in a weeks work.

PS: And a special shout out must go to our awesome vols Michelle, Caitlin and Margaret who gather and give!

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Fresh NED Training in Burnie | Want to know more?


Fresh NED  = Fresh Nutrition Education 

To be held in Burnie on MAY 13 & 14

For a limited time Second Bite are offering free Fresh NED facilitator training in Burnie and Launceston to Nutritionists, Dietitians, Aboriginal Health Workers, Environmental Health Officers, Health Promotion Officers, Youth Workers or similar, working within the health and wellbeing sector.

As a Fresh NED Facilitator you will:

  • Receive all the necessary training, education resources, evaluation tools and support from SecondBite to facilitate Fresh NED workshops in Community Food Programs
  • Provide post-training support to Community Food Programs as they implement practical changes to address the determinants of food insecurity within their community
  • Improve the availability of healthy, safe and culturally inclusive food for disadvantaged community members

For more information about how you can get involved, please contact Caitlin Saunders at the Physical Activity and Community Nutrition Unit – caitlin.saunders@dhhs.tas.gov.au

For more information, download the flyer!

Fresh NED Facilitator Flyer – Tassie May 2014

April 2012

Grown, gathered, given = 2335 kilos of fresh produce

What else have we been up to this month?

Well of course we had the great tomato harvest for starters!  I had a call from Farmer N who had some tomatoes he wasn’t going to be able to sell.  A whole paddock of them.  Not quite sure how I was going to manage that one solo I made a few calls.  Work for the Dole – no can do, private land, grrrrr.  Second call – success!  The local Polytechnic community services classes were super enthusiastic about being involved.  So on the day I reckon we had between 40-50 students who got in the paddock with love in their hearts.  The start of a beautiful relationship? Watch this space.

This is community in action people!

We also had the ABC’s 7.30 program come for a visit.  It will be really interesting to see how it gets put together.  It was a big, long day with guest appearances by……..well you’ll have to watch to see which locals appear!

We are still waiting to hear when we will be “on”, i’ll be sure to let you know!

I also had the pleasure of talking to this years crop of Tasmanian Leaders.  What a gorgeous group of shakers and movers! We had a lovely lunch at the brand new Cradle Coast Trade Training Centre in Burnie, so the students there got to strut their stuff as well as me. The Trade Training Centre and Produce to the People have begun a beautiful partnership and there will be a couple of awesome announcements in the very near future.

Another beautiful Community Veggie Swap with beautiful produce and beautiful people in attendance.

We also started collecting produce from the local Burnie Coles supermarket which we deliver to the Burnie Community House.  A big thanks to Second Bite for sharing this partnership with us.

And finally a lovely Anzac Day visit to Black Ridge Farm with one of our our partners in produce Bruce’s Cafe – I can’t wait to start our couple of little adventures BRF!

I’ve just looked over this month’s work and it has partnership and collaboration written all over it, which is exactly what Produce to the People is all about!

grow, gather, give