We’re back with a plan and a share if you care

Midwinter breaks are good for many reasons – for sleep-ins, you get to work on your own garden, you don’t have to respond to emails or read/watch the news, and you get a break from what can sometimes be a whole lot of overwhelm.

Luckily for us just before we took our break a lot of really interesting things happened.  We got to chat with the Deputy Premier, Jeremy Rockliff about how politically we could position ourselves for more government attention, we spent time with our Patron, NW Tassie champion and all round good guy  and go getter Ben Milbourne who not only filmed an episode of his show Food Lab by Ben Milbourne on site but, we also got some incredibly positive feedback on a couple of products we will be producing for his soon to be open restaurant in Providore Place that is part of the Devonport Living City development. We also spoke in house – the board and volunteers and founder/GM Penelope (me) – about what PttP will look like over the next six months or so.

First exciting cab off the rank is the reintroduction of our home delivery of veggie boxes to elders in our community.

veggie box elders jo and keith.jpg

You may remember we received some funding a while back (now long expended) that saw us deliver 50 + veggie boxes to people in our community who were not only doing it tough, but also had no way of getting to us on The Farm where our food hub is open during the week.  We were over subscribed at the get go and fed a lot of people but it did get a little out of hand in terms of the people we were delivering to.  Its always going to be a bit of a challenge for us and our “ask no questions” policy but this time we are doing things a little differently.

There will be guidelines as to who we can deliver to, and as this is a self/community funded project we are starting with elders only who have no transport who live in the Burnie+Somerset+Wynyard areas.

But there is a but………

This time we are asking you to help us by donating $25 each month for a minimum 12 months.  This money will go towards vehicle costs mostly but also pantry staples to add depth to our boxes.  We think this a great way your office or family or service group, or footy club could make a big difference in the life of some of our most vulnerable elders.

You can head over to our give now page where we have set up a “Produce to the Elders” cause page so you can easily contribute.

$25 elders ad

We know our Produce to the People community is generous to a fault – the more people you share this opportunity with the more elders will receive a box of fresh produce each week.

Click a few buttons and lets make this happen!


PttP hands


Adventures with zucchinis…

Monday saw my son Huw and I up bright and early heading out to Somerset where the very kind and generous Neale Gillett and Denise Bennett donated a UTE LOAD OF ZUCCHINIS! Not just any zucchinis, but enormous lush, green, heavy ones.  It got us thinking….when does a zucchini become a marrow and where does courgette fit in?

The van was almost bursting at the seams and it took a little to get used to the weight in the back…and going round corners was hilarious as the zucs found comfortable resting places.  There must have been at least 150 in there.

Where does one take 150 zucchini’s I hear you ask?

Well…….we began by dropping off a few at Oakleigh House in Burnie, then we left quite a lot at The Salvos in Burnie…….Huw went home and I continued the journey stopping off at the Penguin Sustainable Living Centre where Lou and I  convinced the Green Jobs Crew of the many wonderful things one can make with a zucchini of this size!  Then it was off to The Salvos in Ulverstone where not only family support took some but the volunteers in the shop gladly received.  Then I made my way to Devonport where The Salvos, the youth shelter, YAFF and Vinnies all marvelled not only at the size but also of the generosity of people.

I headed home, still with a booty full so stopped in at Mission in Penguin, Anglicare in Burnie and The Burnie Lodge in Wivenhoe…….my last stop was back at The Salvos in Burnie, they just had to take the last of them, I gave them no choice!

And there you have it….many, many, many people sharing the bounty  of a generous farmer…..awesome indeed!


new drop off spots!

Bonita @ The Commonwealth Bank Somerset

Tameka @ The Commonwealth Bank Latrobe

Anne @ The Commonwealth Bank Wynyard

Feast your eyes on these fine PTTPT posters now going up in Commonwealth Bank branches along the NW coast!

Spring has sprung and I think we can safely say there are no excuses to finding a local drop off point for your excess backyard grown fruit & veggies.  Check out the link to find your closest spot but do remember, if you can’t get to us, we will come to you.

I must also say that the Commonwealth Bank staff are simply divine.  They are busy talking to their customers about the project and they are genuinely so very pleased to be involved.

Bravo and thanks for coming on board!