Tassievore Eat Local Challenge

Produce to the People Tasmania is VERY proud to be partners with the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge.

In a nutshell the challenge is all about eating as much Tasmanian food as possible. In the first instance over a six month period.  Hopefully by six months we will all be Tassie food fulfilled! The official challenge starts this November.

One of the roles Produce to the People has is to gather as much information about where to buy local produce in the North West.  It might be your local butcher.  Your local cafe might have a purely Tassie dish, or it might be the local grower you buy your berries from. We will have a page on this blog devoted to local sources, and the info will also go onto the Tassievore blog.

So, lets get started!  Send me info to all the places and producers in the North West you buy Tassie food from. (If you can include a street address, web site, phone number that would be awesome) And remember to join the challenge to see how much of your food can come from Tasmania.

The Tassievore Eat Local Challenge is co-ordinated by Sustainable Living Tasmania and Tas Farm Gate Market is one of the partner organisations.

Here’s some more info from the Challenge blog:

Why do this?
Looking to the future, we believe it is important that Tasmanians learn to live from locally produced foods.  This is a starting point in the process. We will take on this challenge and encourage as many other Tasmanians as possible to join us for the journey. Whilst doing so we will document our stories on the blog, “Tassievore Eat Local Challenge” and work with Tasmanian producers, retailers and eateries to promote Tassie food and help make it more accessible.  We wish to create demand for the local food industry and, in the process, support sustainable eating and living.

What will we achieve?

  • Knowledge and skills to access and prepare Tasmanian foods.
  • Promotion of local food production and consumption and encouragement for other Tasmanians to eat locally.
  • A comprehensive list of local growers and suppliers to make accessing local food easier and restaurants that use local foods in their dishes.
  • Greater understanding of the gaps which currently exist in Tasmania’s food supply.