Our Week on The Farm

Produce to the People Tasmania week 3 October 2015

We continue to see numbers of people through our Emergency Food Relief hub grow, and the amount of produce donated decline.  This has much to do with the time of year and growing conditions generally.  It puts us in a bit of a pickle because we are supposed to be looking at ways to make money – become financially self sufficient outside of government grants – but the need for the service we provide grows so we feel like we should actually be growing to give.  Not growing to survive.

That is one of the reasons why we have work for the dole crews helping us out and our second Work for the Dole project began this week.  Another 6 bodies on board this time to rebuild the chook houses.  Once built, and the runs made lush with some appropriate vegetation, we will introduce new chooks.  Oh the hours one can spend just watching chooks!! This is one of the projects we get the students at BHS to participate in as well – they will be in charge of hatching our new flock.

In the existing gardens, tomatoes and cucumbers and zucchinis and beans have been planted and our regeneration of two old chook runs into new veggie beds is almost ready for planting as well.

Happy days indeed!

b and w carrot line drawing