A week in August

A week in August 2016

There’s a lot that goes into making Produce to the People tick on a weekly basis.  This week though special LOVE goes out to the gorgeous people that donated to make what we do such a joy:

We had pumpkins, lemons and parsley from backyards.

Coffee grinds and chaff from Infuse Coffee Burnie for our compost.

Bread from Golden Grain Bakery and Woolworths.

Trout and king fish from a fishmonger in Wynyard.

Boxes of goodies from the staff at Caterpillar Burnie

All sorts of produce from Second Bite.

And of course we have been enjoying LOTS OF CHEESE from Lion Co.

Plus produce grown and gathered from our own farm and tended by the wonderful Kim, Kinglsey and the WFD crew.

All this food was shared via 28 home deliveries and ten Primary School produce boxes, and another 120 homes via people visiting us in our food hub.

All in a weeks work.

PS: And a special shout out must go to our awesome vols Michelle, Caitlin and Margaret who gather and give!

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The week that was…

Produce to the People the week that was August week 3 2015

This week one of our hub visitors returned with the alpaca fleece he’d taken the previous week now spun into wool, gorgeous and soft, ready to be knitted into something divine. We had one of our busiest days ever with over 65 people passing through our door to take home the lovely fresh bread and veggies we had gathered for that day. We said goodbye to two of our most wonderful volunteers who have found paid work.  We will miss their cheeky smiles and witty banter. Our quest continued to get 4000 people to donate just $25 so we can launch one of our social enterprises – beautiful children and a local alderman just two of the many to invest.  We installed our first piece of garden implement art. And we planted seeds, and planted out seedlings and we will plant even more seeds over the coming weeks…

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The week that was…

the weekProduce to the People Tasmania that was August 2015 week 2All our volunteers being particularly awesome.  The first of The Farm grown beets.  Purple carrots for the Emergency Food Relief Hub.  Reggie The Farm cat being Reggie. Spring in the air. Around 100 people through the Food Hub.  Our continued quest for 4000 people to commit and invest $25 so we can implement our social enterprise/financial independence plan. Growing, gathering, giving.

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